Sales conditions

Sales conditions



1. Introduction

These General Conditions of Sale/Supply are prepared by Nuova Elva S.r.l. in order to comply with the parallel conditions prepared by its sellers/suppliers.
They therefore have the specific function of regulating relations with its Customers, i.e. with the parties requesting and/or receiving an Offer or formalising an Order with Nuova Elva S.r.l. as well as their successors and/or assignees.
An ‘Offer’ is intended as a written document by which Nuova Elva S.r.l. submits to the Customer a Supply proposal under certain conditions (in any case unsuitable to constitute a Contract Proposal). The Offer may result in an ‘Order’, or a written document from the Customer (including any attachments and subsequent additions) and signed by the Customer, by which a specific ‘Supply’ is requested. The latter constitutes the object of the Order.
An ‘Order Confirmation’ is intended as a written document from Nuova Elva S.r.l., with which the contractual agreement between the Parties is finalised. Through this document, Nuova Elva S.r.l. confirms acceptance of the Order received.
‘Parties’ shall mean Nuova Elva S.r.l. and the Customer. ‘Contract’ shall mean all the provisions contained in the Order, the Order Confirmation and these General Conditions of Sale/Supply.
The ‘Price’ is intended as the amount indicated by Nuova Elva S.r.l. in the Order Confirmation.
The clauses expressed below represent a necessity for those who, as is the case for Nuova Elva S.r.l., find themselves operating with multinational companies based all over the world; they therefore represent, essentially, a summary of what the economic operators in the market in which Nuova Elva S.r.l. operates are expecting.
The Conditions drawn up herein, published on the company’s website at and available for viewing or copying at the company’s head office, apply even if not expressly stated or referred to in the individual orders; by placing the Order the Customer confirms his or her acceptance of these conditions.

2. Offers and Orders; closing of sale/supply

The Offers prepared by Nuova Elva S.r.l., which are revocable and in any case not integral to the case provided for by Article 1326 of the (Italian) Civil Code, are valid for 30 days, unless otherwise indicated in the Offer.
Each individual Order is finalised at the time of acceptance/Order Confirmation communicated by Nuova Elva S.r.l. or, in the absence of explicit acceptance, as a result of the execution of the Order by Nuova Elva S.r.l. The Customer remains bound to the Order submitted by him/her upon receipt of the same by Nuova Elva S.r.l., unless specifically agreed otherwise by the Parties.
Any terms and conditions proposed by the Customer that differ from those set forth in these General Conditions of Sale/Supply will be applicable only if approved in writing by Nuova Elva S.r.l. in a document with a specific date p