Nuova Elva announces major rebrand and launches new website

Nuova Elva announces major rebrand and launches new website

19 January 2018

Nuova Elva is pleased to announce a new corporate identity and the relaunch of its website, reflecting the evolution of the company and its vision for the future in the era of Industry 4.0, whilst maintaining the professionalism, transparency and flexibility that have always distinguished it in the marketplace.

Over the past 25 years, Nuova Elva has continuously expanded its presence to become a leading provider of products and services in the ever-evolving field of industrial automation. The company is now the partner of choice for hundreds of organisations in Italy and abroad who have come to appreciate its efficiency and accuracy in business operations.

Besides the rebrand and new-look digital platform, which includes a presence on the major social networks, Nuova Elva also unveils a new corporate brand, AutomationPlus.

With its specific focus on Engineering, Procurement and Construction, AutomationPlus designs and engineers solutions to improve the industrial processes of organisations operating in the major industry sectors, from food, plastic and textile, to petroleum, automotive and metallurgical.

“The evolution of our brand identity and the reworking of our logo showcases our company as a modern, competitive and progressive organisation,” said Fabrizio Beldì, CEO of Nuova Elva. “The new website, with its clean lines, intuitive navigation and easy-to-use online store, underscores our commitment to providing our customers with an unrivalled level of service.”

He added: “We are very excited with the launch of our new brand AutomationPlus and we look forward to providing our commercial partners with an enhanced level of service that they can rely on.

“We firmly believe in technology as a precious tool for the progressive improvement of living conditions and a safer, cleaner life for a sustainable future, enhancing the mind and spirit of mankind while leaving heavy and dangerous work to machines.”

For more information about the rebranding and new-look website, or for information about products and services, contact: [email protected]