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Schneider electric

Inductive proximity sensors XS, inductive sensor XS6 M30, L66mm, brass, Sn22mm, 24...240VAC/DC, cable 2 m

Codice Nuova Elva XS630B4MAL2

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€ 67.90

Indicating Bank, 70mm, illuminated lens unit, green, steady on, 10 W, 250 VAC/DC

Codice Nuova Elva XVBC33

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€ 25.62

Limit switch lever, 9007, arm t+ft +options

Codice Nuova Elva 9007B2

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€ 34.26

TeSys Deca Manual Starter and Protector, auxiliary contact block, 1 NO and 1 NC, top mount, screw clamp

Codice Nuova Elva GVAE11

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€ 12.48

IEC contactor, TeSys Deca, nonreversing, 50A, 40HP at 480VAC, up to 100kA SCCR, 3 phase, 3 NO, 110VAC 50/60Hz coil, open

Codice Nuova Elva LC1D50AF7

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€ 199.80

TeSys Deca, thermal overload relay, 9 to 13 A, class 10A

Codice Nuova Elva LRD16

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€ 54.54

Limit switch, Limit switches XC Standard, XCKN, thermoplastic plastic roller lever var.length, 1NC+1 NO, snap, Pg11

Codice Nuova Elva XCKN2145G11

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€ 9.71

Light block with body fixing collar, Harmony XB4, metal, for BA9s bulb, lt 250V, 1NO

Codice Nuova Elva ZB4BW061

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€ 13.29

Push button head, Harmony XB5, plastic, projecting, black, 22mm, spring return, unmarked

Codice Nuova Elva ZB5AL2

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€ 7.30

Light block with body fixing collar, Harmony XB5, plastic, for BA9s bulb, lt 250V

Codice Nuova Elva ZB5AV6

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€ 6.91

Socket, for RSB1A relays, Harmony, 12A, screw connectors, separate contact

Codice Nuova Elva RSZE1S35M

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€ 6.71

Interface plug in relay, Harmony, 10A, 1CO, with LED, lockable test button, 24V DC

Codice Nuova Elva RXG12BD

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€ 6.49

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