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Harmony, 22mm Push Button, XB4B operators, contact block, with mounting collar, 1 NO, screw clamp terminal

Codice Nuova Elva ZB4BZ101

49 in stock
€ 7.22

Limit switch body, Limit switches XC Standard, ZCD, compact, 1NC+1 NO, snap action

Codice Nuova Elva ZCD21

47 in stock
€ 16.94

Harmony, 22mm Push Button, 3 position selector switch, black, maintained, 2 NO, 600 V

Codice Nuova Elva XB4BD33

44 in stock
€ 24.98

Socket, for RSB1A RSB2A relays, Harmony, 10A, screw connectors, separate contact

Codice Nuova Elva RSZE1S48M

43 in stock
€ 7.10

€ 3.29

Harmony, 22mm Push Button, pilot light head, red, with plain lens, for integral LED

Codice Nuova Elva ZB4BV043

41 in stock
€ 4.85

Control relay, TeSys K, 2 NO + 2 NC, lt or eq to 690V, 24VDC standard coil

Codice Nuova Elva CA3KN22BD

40 in stock
€ 44.10

Signalling auxiliary contacts, TeSys Ultra, 2 NO

Codice Nuova Elva LUA1C20

40 in stock
€ 15.39

€ 25.88

Head for illuminated selector switch, Harmony XB5, Harmony XALF, grey plastic, green handle, 22mm, universal LED, 2 positions

Codice Nuova Elva ZB5AK1233

40 in stock
€ 16.55

Legend holder 30x50mm, Harmony XB4, plastic, without legend 18x27mm

Codice Nuova Elva ZBZ33

40 in stock
€ 0.62

Push button head, Harmony XB4, metal, 22mm, spring return, without cap

Codice Nuova Elva ZB4BA0

35 in stock
€ 6.34

Harmony, 22mm Push Button, flush push button head, spring return, black, unmarked

Codice Nuova Elva ZB4BA2

33 in stock
€ 6.53

Indicator bank, Harmony XVB, illuminated unit, plastic, red, 70mm, flashing, for bulb or LED, 48... 230V AC

Codice Nuova Elva XVBC4M4

31 in stock
€ 70.71

€ 4.52

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