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Schneider electric

Harmony, 22mm Push Button, XB4B operators, metal mounting collar for electrical blocks

Nuova Elva code ZB4BZ009

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€ 3.20

Harmony, 22mm Push Button, add on contact block, 1 NO, screw clamp terminal

Nuova Elva code ZBE101

881 in stock
€ 4.61


Nuova Elva code DZ5CE015

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€ 0.07

€ 20.49

Harmony XB4, Transparent boot for circular flush push button Ø22

Nuova Elva code ZBPA

130 in stock
€ 1.42


Nuova Elva code AB1TP435U

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€ 2.36

Miniature plug in relay, Harmony, 6A, 4CO, with LED, lockable test button, 24V AC

Nuova Elva code RXM4AB2B7

80 in stock
€ 8.66

Socket, Harmony, for RXM2 RXM4 relays, screw connectors, mixed contact

Nuova Elva code RXZE2M114M

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€ 4.86

Harmony, 22mm Push Button, 2 position selector switch, black, maintained, 1 NO, 600 V

Nuova Elva code XB4BD21

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€ 19.66

female - M12 - 4-pin - straight prewired connector - cable 2 m

Nuova Elva code XZCP1141L2

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€ 11.06

inductive sensor XS1 M18, L64mm, brass, Sn5mm, 12..24VDC, M12

Nuova Elva code XS118BLPAM12

62 in stock
€ 14.71

Harmony, 22mm Push Button, pilot light head, red, with plain lens, for integral LED

Nuova Elva code ZB4BV043

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€ 4.74

Selector switch, Harmony XB4, metal, black 22mm, long handle, 3positions, stay put, 2NO

Nuova Elva code XB4BJ33

53 in stock
€ 25.50

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