MSP S00 0.7-1A SCREW


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Circuit-breaker sz s00, for motor protection, class 10, a-rel. 0.7...1a, n-release 13a, screw connection, standard sw. capacity


Connection TypeScrew Connection
Country of OriginGermany
Number of Poles3


Pole number3
max. rated operating voltage690 volt
min. rated operating voltage690 volt
Number of auxiliary contacts as opener0
Integrated auxiliary switch presentfalse
Number of auxiliary contacts as shutter0
Integrated undervoltage tripper presentfalse
suitable for mounting onto standard railsfalse
Rated operating power with AC-3, 230 V0 kilowatt
Rated operating power with AC-3, 400 V0 kilowatt
Power loss per pole, current-dependent [PlIp]2.4 watt
Manner of usingToggle
Greatest value of overload release adjustment range1 ampere
Rated current [In] for the power loss specification1 ampere
Lowest value of setting range for overload tripper0.7 ampere
rated service short-circuit breaking capacity Ics at 400 V, 50 Hz100000 ampere
Protection type IPIP20
Release systemmagnetic
Sensitive to phase failuretrue
Connection typeScrew connection
description of product type3RV2
Country of OriginDE
Rated permanent current Iu1 ampere


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