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Safety module, Harmony Safety Automation, Cat.4, potential free NC/NC, NO/NC, PNP/PNP, 24v AC/DC, screw

Codice Nuova Elva XPSUAF13AP

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€ 170.07

Inductive proximity sensors XS, inductive sensor XS6 M18, L74mm, brass, Sn8mm, 12...48 VDC, M12

Codice Nuova Elva XS618B1PBM12

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€ 34.56

Safety light curtain type 4, Telemecanique Safety light curtains XUSL, XUSL For hand protection, Std sensing range, Hp = 160 mm, R=30 mm

Codice Nuova Elva XUSL4E30H016N

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€ 718.37

Harmony XVU, Illuminated LED unit for modular tower lights, red, Ø60, steady, IP65, 24 V AC/DC

Codice Nuova Elva XVUC24

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€ 44.16

Pre wired connectors XZ, straight female, M8, 3 pins, cable PUR 5 m

Codice Nuova Elva XZCP0566L5

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€ 13.79

€ 29.43

Push button head, Harmony XB4, metal, recessed, black, 22mm, spring return, unmarked

Codice Nuova Elva ZB4BA26

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€ 16.08

Projecting push button head 40mm, Harmony XB4, metal, red, 22mm, spring return, marked STOP

Codice Nuova Elva ZB4BL434

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€ 9.50

Harmony, 22mm Push Button, pilot light head, red, with plain lens, for BA9s bulb

Codice Nuova Elva ZB4BV04

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€ 4.91

Head for illuminated push button, Harmony XB4, metal, blue mushroom 40mm, 22mm, universal LED, latching push-pull

Codice Nuova Elva ZB4BW663

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€ 25.88

Complete body for pilot lights, Harmony XB6, red light block with body/fixing collar with integral LED 12...24 V

Codice Nuova Elva ZB6EB4B

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€ 11.59

Limit switch head, Limit switches XC Standard, ZCKE, steel roller plunger reinforced

Codice Nuova Elva ZCKE67

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€ 27.05

Limit switch body, Limit switches XC Standard, ZCMD, 1NC+1 NO, silver, snap action, connection, M12

Codice Nuova Elva ZCMD21C12

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€ 40.38

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