CPU 313C, 24DI/16DO, 4AI, 24VDC, 128KB


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SIMATIC S7-300, CPU 313C, Compact CPU with MPI, 24 DI/16 DO, 4 AI, 2 AO, 1 Pt100, 3 high-speed counters (30 kHz), Integr. power supply 24 V DC, work memory 128 KB, Front connector (2x 40-pole) and Micro Memory Card required


Country of OriginGermany
Depth130 mm
Height125 mm
Width120 mm


Country of OriginDE
Supply voltage typeDC
Manufacturer nameSiemens
Number of analog inputs4
Number of analog outputs2
IO-link master presentfalse
Number of inputs, digital24
Rack-assembly possiblefalse
Number of outputs, digital16
System components presenttrue
Functional safety (SIL)Without
Optical interface presentfalse
Number of HW interfaces, other0
Front installation possiblefalse
Manufacturer product familyS7-300
Number of HW interfaces PROFINET0
Number of HW interfaces Wireless0
Number of HW interfaces parallel0
Redundancy-compatible presenttrue
min. supply voltage with DC19 volt
suitable for safety functionsfalse
Bearing track assembly possibletrue
Number of HW interfaces serial TTY0
description of product typeCPU 313C
max. supply voltage with DC28.8 volt
required storage capacity128 kilobyte
Number of HW interfaces serial RS2320
Number of HW interfaces serial RS4220
Number of HW interfaces serial RS4851
max. number of relay outputs, integrated0
Corresponding operating medium (Ex ia)false
Depth130 millimetre
Corresponding operating medium (Ex ib)false
wall mounting/direct mounting possiblefalse
Number of HW interfaces Industrial Ethernet0
Max. number of addressable analog I/O units250
Manufacturer product rootCentral processing unit
Max. number of addressable digital I/O units1008
Operating time (1K, binary instruction)0 millisecond
Power loss, static, current-independent [Pls]12 watt
Width120 millimetre
Height125 millimetre
Design of storageRAM
Display presentfalse
Memory expansionfalse


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